Style A Turquoise Coat✿

✿Style A Turquoise Coat✿

Assalamualaykum and Hi Guys! Happy Sunday! I hope you are all well and in the best of health. Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a happy 2019. I hope and pray this year brings a lot of good things and lots of blessings into our lives and I also pray that this year be our year of many great achievements, answered prayers and heart desires.  Ameen 🙂

Today’s post which would be my first post in 2019 is all about the different ways you can style up a turquoise coat. I have had this coat in my closet for quite a long time now and it still hasn’t failed me in styling it up however I please.

In this post, I decided to style it up to look different with a pair of heels and platforms. The heels style can be worn to a formal setting be it work, an interview etc. While the platforms style can be worn to a casual day outing with friends, the mall and so on. The other two ways you can style up this coat is by wearing it with a pair of sneakers or flat shoes which is how I do wear it mostly and also by wearing it with a different color of head scarf from red to purple to orange you name it. I love that you can always just switch it up to give it a different look, you can even simply just unbutton it all the way down and just wear a T-shirt underneath with a pair of jeans to give it a more casual look. The good thing about this coat is, however way you prefer to style it, it still ends up looking great. ❤

Below are just a few random pictures I have put together of this look.



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Reigniting the Passion In Me✿

✿Reigniting the Passion In Me✿petite_leaves_RG_STILL_grandeAssalamualaykum and Hi Guys! Happy Sunday! I hope you are all well and in the best of health. I can’t imagine how long its been since I last posted a blog post. I feel like I do a lot more explaining of why I am always absent than I actually post which I would say I am quite not pleased with and I really hope I can make a major difference in that.

But the truth is, its been a struggle. I don’t know what to call it. Maybe writers block but I wouldn’t call it that cos I don’t consider myself a writer.  But what I can say is, I really just lost my passion for blogging and my overall interest in it. I wouldn’t say I know why that happened or what lead to that but its not been easy pulling myself together and actually sitting through a post write up. I have actually even been wanting to share quite a few number of blog posts which I end up drafting but it only just ends there and I condemning it.

There’s a saying that goes

“whenever you feel like quitting, remember or think about why you started.”

I think applying this to my current situation is actually what I need. I need to remember why I actually started.  What was my passion then? What was my drive? What made me do what I was doing? What was the goal? What was the purpose? I think if I am able to actually answer these questions I would actually find my way back. Writing this update post was actually my first step to finding my way back. I wanna try again and when I fail, I wanna try again and again and again. I once loved blogging. I believe I can rekindle my love for it again and reignite that passion that died in me. Continue reading

Are You Really Okay?✿

✿Are You Really Okay?✿

Sometimes you want to quit

But quitting ain’t that easy

Because that means you’ve failed

You’ve failed at life

Then sometimes you think of jumping

But that really isn’t an option either, I mean

You’ve got everything on a platter of silver and gold

You’ve got more than most

Then why?

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Tears all dried up✿

✿Tears all dried up✿love-heart-on-beach-hd-photo-background-350606

Have you ever wanted to cry so badly

Just to let all the feels out

And all you get is a teary eye

Not even a little rolling down your cheeks

I mean I used to be a big crier

Let’s just say I can be that emotional

But recently I haven’t been able to cry

Like I want to cry but I can’t cry

That makes sense?

And just when I thought, oh I wonder why I can’t cry

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That Self-Everything Talk✿

✿That Self-Everything Talk✿Screenshot (41)

Assalamualaykum and Hi guys! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is doing well and in the best of health. Jumping right into today’s post, I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while now and it’s the whole deal with the self-love, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-acceptance and just basically the self-everything issue and I came to the conclusion that what really is affecting us as a whole is not being grateful, thankful or appreciative enough! Well that’s what I personally think.

Now why do I think that? Well the truth is, there are so many people out there who would kill (excuse my language) just to have that body we call fat, or that face we call ugly, or that brain we call dumb, and so on. A lot of people have been born or afflicted with different kinds of disease or disorder or syndrome and the amazing thing is most of them are usually the most happiest and grateful inside out, you can basically see the happiness and joy radiating from their heart/ smile. That is because they have accepted themselves for who they are and what they look like, they know they are a blessing in disguise and they know what they look like can’t stop them from chasing their dreams or being who they were meant to be.


No one on this planet earth was created by mistake, we were all created for a reason and to serve a special purpose whether it be in our life or in someone else’s. Some people are created to teach the world how to be happy, some created to teach the world how to be brave, some to teach the world kindness and some to teach the world how to love. Some are also created to show you that nothing is impossible and others to tell you that you can be anything you wanna be.

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Six Things I Miss About Malaysia✿

Six Things I Miss About MalaysiaSIXX

Assalamualaykum and Hi guys! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is doing well and in the best of health. So sorry it’s been a while guys, I recently just resumed back to Uni and so between preparation for school & settling-in I haven’t been in the best of blogging mood! I always seem to just lost my blogging side whenever I resume back to school, I wonder why? but Alhamdulillah I’m Back!!! Had to push myself to complete this post, I guess that’s the one way I can make this work 😉 Unto today’s post…

I studied in Malaysia for about 4 years and I would say that place pretty much grew on me. Malaysia is such a beautiful country with cultural diversity. The country’s major population is made up of Indians, Chinese, and Malay and then others. My only regret would be I wish I had explored more, and enjoyed my stay over there to the fullest, though I did have so much fun and visited places but there were still so many other beautiful places I would have loved to visit which I procrastinated to the very last and ended up not visiting at all 😦 But all the same I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be there. Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah).

So what are the six things I really miss about Malaysia. Let’s see 🙂

✿The foooooood OMG guys, yes I miss Malaysian food so much. Malaysia has so many variety of dishes. I remember when I first got to the country and once ordered rice and stew as that’s one of the major food we Nigerians love, & there was sugar in the stew!!! I had been told they normally put sugar in their food but never knew it was that much. Well I definitely couldn’t eat it. But as time went on I guess with having Malaysian friends around I was able to know the right type of dish to eat and the ones to avoid. But in the end you pretty much get used to the sugar in it and can’t even taste the difference. To list a few of the Malaysia dishes; click on the images below for names of the food or place mouse on picture without clicking.


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Story Time: My Weird Obsessive Nature!✿

✿Story Time: My Weird Obsessive Nature!✿

story time2

Assalamualaykum and Hi guys! Happy Saturday! I hope everyone’s doing great. Today I wanted to share with you guys some stories based on the things I have tried doing in trying to find myself & just basically exploring who I am or should I call it obsessions…lol

Basically, here’s the thing guys, if I like something say I see someone doing something and I really like what that person is doing, it embeds itself in my head. Then the like starts growing into love, then the love starts developing into want, then the want finally develops into obsessed in which there’s no going back. And once I get to this stage it stays there no matter how long until I try it, until I have quenched that obsession, the obsession never stops. In a way I would say it’s good but it can also be bad as well I guess.

Well below are some stories of my obsession which I tried doing.


SKATEBOARDING. Basically anyone who knows me well would remember my obsession with skateboarding. I literally was super obsessed with skateboarding y’all that I just woke up one day and said today is the day! I am buying me a skateboard, I probably couldn’t contain the obsession anymore. So I got up, left my house and decided to go get me one, now your girl doesn’t know how to ride a skateboard y’all, so what was I thinking.

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The Fuchsia Pink Lace: Iro & Buba style✿

✿The Fuchsia Pink Lace: Iro & Buba Style✿

Processed with VSCO with preset


Assalamualaykum and Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone’s doing well by God’s grace. Today’s post is all about iro (wrapper) and buba (blouse) which is a Nigerian traditional wear officially worn by the yoruba tribe but now generally worn by almost all tribes in Nigeria. Iro & Buba is mostly styled with a Gele (a headtie) see pic below, but I have worn mine with a hijab. The lace can mostly be found at any market or store where clothes/materials are been sold which is then sewed into any desirable style of one’s choice. Information given is just basically for any of my Non-Nigerian/African readers who wouldn’t really know much about this style of clothing 🙂 That being said tying Iro (wrapper) is like art, it’s somethings you have to tie often inorder to master it at least that’s what I think…This explains why mine ain’t so well tied…haha.

This outfit is basically just what I wore to the last wedding I attended in 2017and just thought I should share it with you guys ❤ Do leave me a comment below and let me know what you guys think. 😉

Hijab: from, shoes: from

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7 Things 2017 Taught Me✿

✿7 Things 2017 Taught Me✿

7 things

Assalamualaykum and Hi guys! Happy saturday. I hope everyone’s doing well. Today’s post is basically about things I learnt in 2017. As we all know it’s already a new year and so reflecting back on the year a whole lot happened, some surprising, some disheartening, some life changing etc. It sure was a year filled with love, laughter, happiness, sadness, growth, sickness, health, learning, friendship and so on. But I thank Allah for everything. Unto today’s post…

Not everyone who smiles and laughs with you is truly your friend. You can mostly know who your true friends are when you need them the most but they are nowhere to be found. And the worst part is how much it’s going to hurt because of how dear they were to you. But in the end not all is lost, you learnt a lesson and that’s all that matters and you would be happy that at least now I know and next time such happens, you’ll know what to expect & how to react and you’ll turn out just fine.

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I’m Back!✿

✿I’m Back✿


Assalamualaykum and hi guys, how’s everyone doing? I know it’s been ages since I last posted which is totally not cool at all. Like I feel really bad for not putting in as much effort as I should into this blogging thing. And to be honest, if I decide to start explaining myself as to why I have been away, well all I would end up doing is just giving excuses that don’t count. Nevertheless, I basically have been away because of university, yes I always give this excuse but this has always been the major top of the list reason.

University in itself is very hard and so all you find yourself doing is just going for lectures and back to the hostel, well coupled with other things like going to the hospital for practice and having clinicals and so on.

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