Dua Of A Muslimah!✿

Dua Of A Muslimah ❤


Whenever I want to supplicate to Allah, I always found it difficult to figure out exactly what to say or what to pray for, though we all say a normal prayer, but I’ve always believed Dua (prayer) goes beyond that. So one day I decided to just pick up a pen and decided to pour my heart out. Whatever it is going through my mind, whatever it is I want out of life, whatever it is going on in my head, I just had to pour it out into writing and I felt why not just share this with y’all, someone else might be going through the same thing. So guys here’s my out pour of Dua, maybe not all, I believe it still lacks a lot but it’s a step by step, InshaAllah (By Gods Grace)…To start with;

Oh Allah Please …

✿Forgive me all my sins.

✿ Make me a better Muslimah.

✿Grant me a good and kind heart.

✿Protect and guard my heart from harm.

✿Grant me what you know is best for me.

✿Grant me self contentment, self confidence, and self love.

✿Grant me patience and perseverance.

✿Protect me from all the evils of this world.

✿Grant me knowledge that is beneficial.

✿Grant me retentive memory.

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Ramadan! 2017

My 2k17 Ramadan Story


I remember around this time last year when it was Ramadan (Muslim Fasting period), a lot was actually going on this time in my life, I had just graduated university, signed up for a course abroad, I had to travel here and there, back and forth and so on. Well in the end amidst all that I fell sick during this period which I had say made my Ramadan a little shaky.

Fast forward to this Ramadan, It didn’t start of so well as I was also on a journey and so I said to myself oh yeah, I still got time and all to catch up, I mean it’s a whole month and just in the middle of it, I fell sick again. And I was like oh common what’s happening, not again! and that made me sad. 😦

Ramadan is a time of worship, Ibadah (humbleness, obedience with submission etc) and gaining reward from your Lord through lots of acts of worship and I just had to fall sick! lol But what can I say, Alhamdulillah (Thank Allah), Everything happens for a reason. But what about my Ramadan, how did it end up going? what were my fails? why was I feeling all sad?

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People say you gotta change your life around men, you gotta pick yourself up, dust your shoulder, get yourself together,  head held up high, standards raised, aim and look forward and so on.

When in actual reality it easier said than done. Yes there are people that know and are aware that they need to change their life, or get their act together, they don’t only know this but they actually want to do so but the truth is most people don’t know how. They don’t know where to start from, they don’t know which exact path they are to take or what exactly they are supposed to do. Sometimes you feel they are not just listening but the fact is they hear you alright and are probably tired of the fact that you keep nagging at them which though can also contribute to why some people don’t change as they dislike people constantly telling them what to do and so on but at the same time some people really are just lost. There’s no one to guide them, or help them out genuinely or give them a supporting hand so they just give up and continue to live the life they’ve always known.

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A Visit To Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital.

School Trip

As part of Osag week celebration click here for more info, among the other activities that was to take place, a trip to Dr Agarwal’s eye hospital was what i was so looking forward to.

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The Whole Crew Members<3

A brief history about Dr Argawal.

Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital was founded by Late Dr.J.Agarwal (recipient of the Padma Bhushan award) and his wife Dr. T.Agarwal in Chennai, India, in 1957. What was initially an eye clinic and their home evolved into a modern eyehospital in 1976. The founders used their creative vision to build the first Agarwal Eye Hospital in the shape of a human eye and it soon became a prominent landmark on the city map. Years later, their unique effort received global recognition when it was mentioned by the American franchise “Ripley’s believe it or not”. –Drargarwal.com

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15th Annual OSAG Week Celebration!

Optometry Students Association of Ghana (OSAG)


The OSAG week is here once again and every one is excited not only because of the activities involved but it’s a little to no class week and what’s more exciting to students than a whole lecture free week. Hurray! Well before I dive any further, you all must already been wondering what in the world is OSAG week lol.

OSAG (Optometry Students Association of Ghana) as the name implies is an association for optometry students in Ghana in which all matters relating to optometry at various universities offering the course are been handled by a group of organized committee and elected executives. OSAG clocked 15 years of optometric training in the University of Cape Coast this week hence the ongoing celebration. Also “World Optometry day” (23/03/2017) happens to fall under this week. The week comprises of different activities and events taking place to celebrate/acknowledge this achievement. Continue reading

Nkoso Beach! 101

Hi Beautiful People, hope y’all doing well and great. So basically going straight to the point, I am currently studying in Ghana, to be specific “Cape Coast” Ghana and so this happens to be a whole new experience for me which is different from where I was coming from (Malaysia) and therefore with these whole new experience and opportunity, I have decided to explore this new city alongside my period of studying while being here.

The city where my university is located is actually one with many attractions such as beaches, seas, castles and other historical and tourist centers.

One of the attraction (beaches) among many others is the Nkoso beach which is located right in front of my university and what better way to start exploring than to start with the ones right under our noses, hence my visit to this beach. Although this beach/ocean is not much of a tourist center, it sure is a very large ocean and just serves as a place to relax, hang out with friends, throw a beach party once in a while, have a picnic while watching the ocean tides, appreciate Mother Nature and so on.

onto the pictures ↓↓↓

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University of Cape Coast Gate Entrance

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My Blogging Situation. LOL!

What exactly would I call my blogging situation?

Laziness? Procrastination? No time?

To be honest I wish I knew, I had probably say because of university and no time but then again, I do have some free times where I can just spend writing up something, It really is all about time management and prioritizing.

Hmm Well what I really believe the issue is, I basically don’t have ideas, one day I am swimming in a pool of what to blog about and the next it either makes absolutely no sense or it just ain’t it. I have noticed that most times when I get to blogging is when I am basically on holidays but that’s like waiting forever which is what I end up doing.

I truly do love blogging but it sometimes requires me to go outdoors considering what my blog is all about and most of the time I am just within the walls of my school with no much drive to explore. Although it also comes with a financial baggage as a student still living on allowances, budgets gotta be made and you basically can’t squander it on outings and exploring unless well you go BROKE! lol.  Plus can we not talk about the exchange rate foreign students are facing! My Lord!

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Words of Wisdom.✿

✿ Words of Wisdom To Live By.✿

Whenever I feel down or I feel I am going down that worry/sad lane. In order to gear myself back up, I always go back to this book “You can be the happiest woman in the world”-By Dr. ‘Aid al-Qarni as a source of reminder and motivation. I can’t count the number of times I have actually read this book and it had never failed to make me feel better. I had urge every Muslim woman out there to read it, this is because it speaks to Muslim women at large but can be beneficial to Non-Muslim women as well I suppose.

From reading this book, I have written down below some words of wisdom that I found calming, helpful and motivational to me and I believe can be beneficial to you guys too :). These words are really inspirational, motivating, heartwarming and I believe helps one move forward with positive and happy spirits about life and not dwell on the negative aspects of life.

✿I hope you do find it heartwarming✿


✿The wise woman turns a desert into a beautiful garden.

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Hard Times…

✿ Staying Sane During Hard Times.✿

We all go through trials and tribulations in our lives. No one is free from problems. Every household has his or her own baggage to deal with. But while having these problems we often forget that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We drown ourselves in worries and sadness and have thoughts that it’s never gonna be alright.

We lose ourselves worrying about tomorrow, the future, the past, the present, the moment…I myself is guilty of this. We dwell ourselves in all this harmful thoughts which ends up leading to nowhere but depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and so on…y’all know the drill.

This world is a difficult one for sure but we always have to keep ourselves in check from time to time while trying to face all the chaos of this life. Our mental state of mind is just as important as our physical health.


It’s sure is hard to not think of all the negative things in our lives, over the years I have grown to let out the negative and fill it with positivity. This was definitely hard for me but by surrounding myself with positive people and positive friends I was able to overcome this bit by bit. I’m still trying yeah, I mean, it’s a work in progress but I sure have come a long way.

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The Act of Judging Others.

Hi people, Happy new month, I hope y’all doing great. I hope this month brings good things and more good things in the following months to come. (Ameen)

Today I wanted to talk about a topic that is very sensitive to me and how this can really ruin something or everything you cherish or that is dear to you.

All my life, I have had this policy to never judge someone based on whatsoever reason. No matter what the person has done before, what he or she has been through or what he or she is doing wrong, I never for once wanted to pass judgements. Why you may ask, well this is because we humans are not created to be perfect like the Prophets (Alayhi Salatu Wa Salam). We sin, we have flaws, we disobey and so on. It’s part of human nature.  Also you as an individual is not perfect at all, so why judge another?

You may be wondering why this topic, what’s up? And this my dear readers is due to the fact that I slipped and might have went too far in judging someone dear to me. The funny thing was I didn’t even realise it all along that, that was what I was doing until I heard their reply and that was when it hit me. I had judged another soul without even thinking of my actions or the consequences.

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